According to Reuters the University of East Anglia has in effect declared itself innocent of deception in the climategate scandal.  A study initiated by the University came to the surprising conclusion that it’s researchers did not try to mislead anyone, but the “Trick” mentioned in emails was simply a unique mathematical approach to the problem.

Or in short, you can make a graph say whatever you want it to.

Posted by: Sanity Rules | July 5, 2010

Obama Sends A Big Message

President Obama has approved military sales to three Arab League states prior to his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The White House agreed to requests worth $500 million by Egypt, Oman and Tunisia for air defense upgrades, helicopters and other aircraft as well as naval ship support.

The timing of this is a clear message that the President is not happy with Israels continued settlement of occupied territories, it is also a message to the arab world that the United States relationship with Israel is at it’s weakest point and gives encouragement to the enemies of Israel that now is the time to strike.

While I do not think the President is by any means a supporter of terrorists, he is clearly a product of his past, harbors a deep distrust of Israel and has most probably been less than honest about his personal convictions.

Posted by: Sanity Rules | July 5, 2010

Can we say it now? DEPRESSION

Wasn’t this supposed to be the “Recovery Summer”?  While almost no one is saying the word, this looks like a Depression to me and a pretty serious one at that.

  • Home Sales Down
  • Factory Orders Down
  • Retail Sales Down
  • Wages Down
  • Workforce Down 650,000 jobs.

If more than 1 million Americans had not given up on their job search, our jobless rate would be at a post WWII high without including the half-million temporary census jobs.

The first step on the road to recovery is to accept that you have a problem.  If we can’t even say the word, we are still in denial. Our denial has become delusional considering we are in this kind of condition 18 full months into zero interest rates, quantitative easing and a stimulus package that did very little to stimulate us.

For some time our country has been driving down a road leading to failure.  Now the major parties, a good portion of the bloggers and general public are trying to assess blame.  The Democrats say everything is Bush’s fault and the Republicans point to all these problems as being Obama’s fault.

If you look into this with an open mind and use facts as your guide, you will find that you can easily go back 20 years or more in finding all of the root problems.  In the process, you will find that both parties bear responsibility for this crisis.  The crisis was NOT a free market problem, but one almost entirely created by Congress

Congress points the blame to the free market.   Was there excessive greed in the marketplace?  Of course.  Greed exists in capitalist societies as well as communist societies.  It is part of the human condition.  Productive people always strive for more, more productivity, more wealth, more of whatever they feel fulfills them.  It is only when our ambitions cause us to harm others that they become a bad thing.

When ambitions become illegal, we have all the tools in our possession without reform to correct the problem through the criminal justice system or civil courts.

Congress recently passed a “Financial Reform Bill” that directs the blame at the failing financial markets while hypocritically denying their own role in the crisis.  Meanwhile congress increases their power to further “regulate” the markets that they themselves continually foul.

This November we will all have a historic chance to reverse course, but unfortunately there are only two players in the game and neither player is on our team.

Unfortunately when assessing the blame we must look in the mirror.  We elected them, we continue to allow them to point fingers in every direction but at themselves.  We allow them to divide us and to divert us from the issues while we occupy ourselves with trivial pursuits that keep us entertained.

It is truly remarkable how different is this congress from the 2nd Continental Congress that just 234 years ago risked their very lives for us by signing the Declaration of Independence.  It is also a direct reflection on how we have changed as a people.

Posted by: Sanity Rules | June 28, 2010

Euro: Put A Nail In The Coffin.

Things are going so badly for the Euro that now you are advised to check each note to identify the issuing country.   This is because when (not if) the currency really does fall apart, the issuing country on the Euro banknote may become important to you.

While all euros are backed by the European Central Bank, the serial numbers prefixed with X may be the most secure because they are issued by Germany.

Other “good” prefixes are L from Finland, N from Austria, P from Holland, , U from France and Z from Belgium.

The “bad” notes come with the prefixes F for Malta, G for Cyprus, M for Portugal, S for Italy, T for Ireland and Y for Greece.

Please don’t think I am gloating.  It is only by default, the US Dollar is the only real reserve currency left.  This serves to embolden our Federal Reserve to flood the market (Sorry, the politically correct term is “Acquire debt”) with Dollar bills by “purchasing” our own debt.  It is so great to own your own printing press!  Just pay your bills with currency hot off the press.

When the Fed is done, our currency will be toast, so in the meantime enjoy the coming deflationary times and get ready for the hyper-inflation to follow.  It may not be too much of a stretch to add in a little civil unrest that comes from unemployed hungry people.  The masses will be really angry when they can’t pay for their I-phone plans, or stand in line for the Harry Potter attraction at Universal.

Posted by: Sanity Rules | June 23, 2010

Soros to Germany: Keep up the deficit spending!

George Soros has called on Germany to leave the euro unless it willing to embrace a “growth strategy”, describing Berlin’s austerity doctrine as a threat to democracy and political stability in Europe

I  just love the way the left continually finds new ways to label their programs.  For example, Growth Strategy: Normally we call this deficit spending.  Generally this has a negative connotation, so we just change the verbiage to Growth Strategy and suddenly it sounds so great!  After all, who has a problem with growth?

In short, Mr. Soros is calling on Germany to spend money that their taxpayer’s grandchildren will have to pay so that their Southern Neighbors can continue to live in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.  This lifestyle discourages a work ethic to the point where it is easier to live off of state welfare programs than to work.  The Socialist/Communist ideal.

Soro’s lap dog Barack Obama, wrote a letter to fellow leaders before the G20 Summit this week stating that surplus countries should do more to shore up global demand. “Our highest priority must be to safeguard and strengthen the recovery: we cannot let it falter or lose strength now. Should confidence in the strength of our recoveries diminish, we should be prepared to respond again as quickly and as forcefully as needed,” he wrote.

The US plan for this is for the Federal Reserve “Acquire” failing businesses.  This is normally called Nationalization, but as all progressives know, the average American does not favor nationalization, but Americans love to Acquire, so Acquisition is the new term.

Posted by: Sanity Rules | November 22, 2009

The Brainwashing of the West

A new Gallup poll indicates that Republicans are favored over the Democrats 48 to 44% in a poll of registered voters.  This is a large jump in the last six months.   While this is just one poll, coupled with last week’s election results are a strong indication that the American public does not like the direction that the country is going.

The liberals took the 2008 Election as a mandate by the people in total disregard for the fact that from the standpoint of a popular vote, the election was very close.  The information that they should have come away with is:

1. People disliked the way that Bush was handling things.  Neither liberals or Conservatives were too happy with Bush.

2. John McCain was seen as a very dull and lack-luster character.  While he may be a great compromisor, politics is not about compromise and voters are not driven to the polls for such a candidate.

3. Obama was running as the first black candidate, looked sharp, ran a great campaign and took advantage of the Anti-Bush backlash.  Hillary Clinton couldn’t win her party’s endorsement and much of this was not due to her politics which are much the same as Obama’s, but the fact that she too was looked at as the status quo.

4. Just look at Congressional approval ratings!  Lower than even George Bush for a Democratic controlled Congress!

5. While it is pretty clear that people do not endorse the “Change” they voted for, they really never bothered to educate themselves prior to voting!  How many people actually read Obama’s book or tried to find out what he was really about?  Very few.  Most people don’t even know who Joe Biden is!  It is sad, but the total ignorance of the American public is what keeps this pack of wolves (comprised of both parties) in office.  They are up to date on trivia and gossip from the Entertainment world but find a subject like Cap and Trade totally boring.  (at least until it effects their job or wallet)

Republicans on the other hand have no real reason to celebrate.  The voter’s dissatisfaction with Democrats is simply the result of their own ignorance.  It does not mean that they suddenly want to go back to the Congress of 2006!  Both political parties have sold out completely to special interest groups and the general voting public is not interested in their causes.

For Republicans, this means:

1.  If they want the general public to care about Cap and Trade, it needs to be relabeled as a Bullshit Tax, explained in the simplist terms and exposed for the scam that it is.

2. In regard to Abortion, most people do not realize that a baby is being vacuumed into a tube to be ground up.  In order to actually care, they need to see the graphic details.  Maybe abortions can be renamed as Baby Chopping to get the point across.  Sound terrible? Great!  It is terrible and it is hard for me to think that a public that gets incensed at the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal wouldn’t become just as incensed at abortion if they knew the details.  They will not however force a rape victim to carry the issue of the crime to term  and do not want restrictions on morning after pills and birth control.

4.  Just because the general public does not want a government take over of healthcare, it does not mean that they do not want some sort of catostrophic care coverage in case the shit hits the fan.  Americans do not like to see their neighbors forced into bankruptcy due to medical needs and bills.  Most people can agree to the need for tort reform if it is labeled “Jury Award Limits”.  The general public doesn’t know what “tort” means and don’t care if tortoises are reformed or not.

5.  People are very wary about changing Social Security into an IRA type of option, especially after seeing some scary times.  This does not mean that they want social security taxes dumped into the general funds so the pigs in Congress can have plenty of pork to feed off.  A non-existant Social Security Trust Fund should actually be established over time while not endangering those in the current program.

6. The general public wants tax deductions and  a balanced budget.

The liberals try to purposely mislabel the programs they want to disquise their true nature.  In addition they exploit weaknesses in the current system and blow them out of proportion in order to create a sense of urgency or need for them.  Conservatives need to become better communicators so that things are explained in the simplist terms that are easy to understand and to find common sense solutions to problems so that the liberals have nothing to exploit.

It’s long past time for Republicans to wake up, take their share of responsibility for the mess we are in and define in clear terms what they would do to correct them.  In 1994 Republicans took control of Congress by means of a “Contract with America”.  They won re-election because they actually kept their promises, but then quickly forgot them again and became corrupted by Washington and ended up as a dispised part of the problem.  Return to the same old Republican status quo will not do and America deserves better.




Posted by: Sanity Rules | November 11, 2009

World War III

I used to think that people who worried about a third World war were a bit crazy, but that was twenty years ago and the Berlin Wall had just been torn down.  As a side note, it was a bit amusing to watch the Germans thanking Gorbachov for tearing down the wall and not mentioning the role of the kindly Ronald Reagan.   This was similar to thanking the pit bull for not biting you after he has been tied up and muzzled.

Anyways, at that time I felt it was impossible for people to forget the horrors of the first two World wars and that people would be a bit more prudent in the future.  But people forget and today just twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, people have already forgotten the reasons why it fell and why the Soviet Union and it’s economy collapsed.

Today’s global situation in many ways reminds me of conditions prior to World War I.  With Obama, we have another Woodrow Wilson in office with his head in the sand dreaming of World Order.   In the meantime, Eastern Europe is just one cold winter away from being re-taken by the Russians, an Iranian dictator has nuclear weapons with technology supplied by North Korea and Russia,  and Obama has cleared the way to bring the Iranian Revolution to Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia  while Japan and Taiwan are threatened by China.

To add gasoline to the fire, at any time, Lebanese based Hizbullah are ready to start lobbing rockets into Israel and all of the Middle East could be engulfed in war.

Economic, religious and nationalist tensions cause nations to go to war.   We have all of these tensions present today and with Nuclear weapons in the hands of rogue states, the stakes have never been higher.

Posted by: Sanity Rules | November 10, 2009

Obama Leaves Our Troops Dangerously Exposed For Political Gain

The White House continues to deny that a decision has been made by the President on Afghanistan.  This strategy creates the illusion that Obama is agonizing over a decision, but in reality makes him look like either a incompetant moron or a liar.  I think it is a bit of both.

The lie is that a decision has not been made.  It has been made and according to CBS, Obama decided to give General Stanley McChrystal most, if not all, the additional troops he is asking for.  The small print is that it will take a year to provide these troops.  Having made a decision and delaying the announcement by saying that you haven’t made a decision, is a lie.

The moronic part of this is that by delaying implementation of General McChrystal’s recommendations, puts our forces unnecessarily at risk because we do not have the troop strength to maintain order.  Putting American lives at risk is conduct unbecoming of an officer, but this is coming from the Commander in-Cheif!

The reason for the delay is obvious.  The Senate will be voting on Obamacare and our CINC obviously values his domestic agenda over the lives of the troops he puts in harms way.

Realistically, unless we are willing to put half a million men in Afghanistan quickly, we cannot prevail and since we apparently do not have the stomach or troop strength to do this, our next best option would be to leave these people to enjoy their violent and prehistoric culture and lifestyle to it’s fullest.

In any war, the objective has to be to win and not just maintain the status quo.   Lacking this, we turn the situation into another politicized war with ridiculous rules of engagement like Vietnam.

So I have now become a conservative anti-war activist.  Not because I don’t believe in the brave efforts of our troops, but because I cannot bear to see committed and brave men and women used as cannon fodder for this Chicago backroom politician.  He has no real regard for our military and it’s traditions of honor and cannot define strategy unless it is how to reach into our pockets go get funding for Acorn.

To date he has screwed up Iraq, is in the process of screwing up Afghanistan, allowed the first terrorist act to be committed on our soil since 9-11, Bailed out everyone who contributes to him with funds that we have to borrow from China and brought our jobless rate to over 10 percent.  And to think he’s only getting started!

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