Posted by: Sanity Rules | May 17, 2008

Poor Obama! Everyone is picking on him!

I was amused with the firestorm on the left created by Bush’s Knesset speech about the appeasement of terrorists. Evidently his remarks hit too close to the bone for some.

While Bush’s speech was much more likely targeted towards Jimmy Carters recent visit, than to a reference to Obama, his words hit a sore spot in the Obama camp. Not finding the truth to their liking, they whine about “unwritten rules about politicking on foreign shores”. Even Hillary knows better than to give political legitimacy to thugs by offering unconditional dialog.

While this little display of petulance on the part of the democrats is amusing, it also points out in blaze orange markings, the weakness of liberal thought. Something that will not go unnoticed in the coming election.

The Democrats have made a grave error in assuming that the unpopularity of George Bush equates to a mandate for all of their leftist policies. This is not 1994, they have no contract with America and they are not the Republicans.



  1. So true. But what really surprised me was Obama’s sheer arrogance in thinking that he was the one that the speech referred to. But, if he felt so targeted, there must be a reason for that, as in, it could just as easily have been directed toward him. Talk about calling the kettle black?

  2. Someone commented on that saying that Bush threw a rock over the fence and the dog it hit was the one doing the barking!

  3. Imagine that! 😀


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