Posted by: Sanity Rules | May 20, 2008

Obama and Hypocrisy.

Obama was so offended over what he calls “low-class” Republican election tactics targeting his family.

Senator Obama is furious over an online video attacking his wife Michelle for comments she apparently made that some people considered unpatriotic.

Well, Jr Senator, there are a lot of Americans who are also offended.  They are offended by your wife’s public comments on how “for the first time in her adult life” she can be proud of America.  Evidently your ignorant wife has somehow taken for granted the huge amount of blood spilled by ordinary Americans to insure that she was free to even make such a stupid and inconsiderate comment.

The Jr. Senator thinks he is somehow the judge of what is appropriate for discussion and what is not,  but  when you  place  your  wife on a  stage and  she starts talking nonsense, then any American has the right to denounce her words.

In America, we have a right to free speech that was paid for in blood by patriots, but that doesn’t mean that we are unaccountable for what we say.



  1. I like the gist of your article; however, I think the Obamas are pretty smart, not “ignorant.” While I disagree with what they are doing, I think these two highly educated individuals are intelligent enough to know precisely what they are doing. They are buying votes with the taxpayers’ money, for power and to line the pockets of their supporters. I’ve posted about their education plan at

  2. “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencious stupidity.” -Martin Luther King, Jr

    Ignorance is not the same as stupidity. With Mrs. Obama, her ignorance is that she has spent her entire adult life in this country thinking that she had nothing to be proud of.

    I can’t open a history book without appreciating our great nation.

  3. When she said that I had one of those “For the love of God moments.” Must be the Marine Corps brat coming out in me or something.
    In any case it shows in a very dramatic manner just why those two should not be sent to the White house.

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