Posted by: Sanity Rules | May 21, 2008

Ted Kennedy’s Legislative “Achievements”

According to the Associated Press, these are some of the legislative “achievements” of Sen. Edward Kennedy:

1. He championed lowering the voting age to 18.

The legacy of the 26th Amendment is mixed. Youth turnout has steadily declined since 1972 and is thankfully well behind the turnout of older voters.  The right to vote is taken much too casually and it was never intended by the framers of the constitution to be awarded to everyone that can breathe.  Young people do not have the life experience to be entrusted with determining the political direction that the country will take.  Instead of making it easier to vote, the process should be harder to earn.  Only those who contribute to society should have a voice in how it is run and those who fill our welfare rolls and recipients of other entitlement programs should not have this privilege.  As it is our republic is in grave danger and it has gotten to the point where the parasites of society are overwhelming and sucking the life blood out of the hosts.

2. Co-sponsored the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), which provides health insurance coverage to children.

While this sounds so warm and fuzzy, in reality this program is a bloated boondoggle.  While this program was proposed as a way of insuring that children would receive medical care regardless of ability to pay, this program has basically turned into health insurance for parents that would rather spend their money on beer and cigarettes.

3. Introduced the Americans with Disabilities Act, prohibiting discrimination against any qualified individual with a disability in job application procedures, hiring or discharge, compensation, advancement or training.

Another warm and fuzzy sounding law that in reality was simply a large bone thrown to the trial lawyers.  Companies had to spend countless hours determining the physical requirements of all job types in order to cover themselves from potential litigation and greedy lawyers ran around with measuring sticks making sure isles were 30″ wide or a lawsuit was initiated and with a pre-settlement offer attached.   Pay the extortion and the “lawsuit” is never filed.  Easy money — for the lawyers.  It is dubious as to how well this act has actually helped the physically challenged who don’t even want to be called “Disabled”.

4. Championed increases in the minimum wage, including the most recent that takes the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 by 2009.

Wow.  What an achievement.  Illegals won’t even work for this wage, so what kind of “achievement” is this?  It is another “feel good” measure that effects few.

Legislation Kennedy is currently pushing include authorizing the spending of $50 billion over the next five years to combat health crises posed by AIDS and other diseases in Africa and around the world.

$50 BILLION DOLLARS to help other countries fight AIDS.  Correct me if I am wrong, but this would amount to about $500 for every family in the U.S. to help other countries pick our pockets.  How much of this would actually hit the bottom line?

If I want to spend my money on a program like “Feed the Children” or some other charitable work, that is my personal choice.  For my government to pick my pocket and then give the proceeds to some other charitable purpose no matter how great the cause, is not a proper role of government.

I am not sure how many more of these “Achievements” we can afford!


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