Posted by: Sanity Rules | May 23, 2008

Maxine Waters Comes Out of the Closet!

Marxine Waters - Staunch Socialist

In a courageous statement before congress today, Maxine Waters showed the true face of the Democratic Party: In the 2nd day of the congressional charade of “grilling” oil company executives on the causes of high priced gas, she for a moment, started to actually tell the truth behind the motives of the the Democrats;

An oil company executive had just told her that in order to bring the price of gasoline down, oil companies needed to be able to drill on our own continent and off our own shores. In addition, we need to build more refineries.  Then Maxine, one never wanting to actually hear the truth, responded that “This liberal, would socialize……….” then realizing that she was giving the game away, took a pregnant pause in an attempt to look for the best way out, finally responded “Nationalize your companies!”.

My question for liberals is this, since you are really just socialists, why not just say so?  Why the word games?  As I have written before, if your ideas are so great, why not just spell them out in plain english and proclaim them proudly from the rooftops?  The answer is that because your motives are devious and to plainly speak them would, would cause you to betray yourself as happened today.

But don’t worry too much Maxine! The liberal press won’t report this part of the story and most of America is too busy discussing who won American Idol to concern themselves with what you say anyways. Please rest assured that you could change the Democratic Party name to the Socialist Workers Party and move Lenin;’s tomb into the Washington Monument and the general public won’t care as long as they have cigarettes, TV and beer.

I do wonder how you will constitutionally nationalize the entire oil industy though.  Especially since the retirement plans of many hard-working Americans are invested in oil company stocks.  Are you proposing to have the U.S. Government buy out this industry at market rates, or do you plan to just steal it?

Once the U.S. Government has control of these stocks, how efficiently do you think it will run the companies?  Using the U.S. Post Office as an example, I would think that the value of this purchase would decline pretty rapidly and unless you just plan on stealing it, how would you recoup the losses?

Sounds like a great idea Marxine, (I mean Maxine) take over an industry that is so efficient, that it is thriving on a measly 9% profit margin and replace it with one that needs tax revenue to exist!

That would sure mark a great defeat of the capitalist pigs! I am sure that someday someone will be pulling down statues made in your likeness.


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