Posted by: Sanity Rules | June 3, 2008

Charles Schumer: Russia will help us with Iran!

Charles Schumer always has a talent for looking at any situation and coming up with a completely illogical conclusion.

In his recent article in the Wall Street Journal he advocates bribing and cajoling Russia to “help us with Iran” and his reasoning for this is anything but profound. He wrote;

“Two years ago, under NATO auspices, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania agreed to build an antimissile defense site to thwart the threat of a nuclear missile attack by Iran. The threat is hypothetical and remote, and the Bush administration’s emphasis on pursuing the antimissile system, without Russia’s cooperation, still baffles many national security experts.”

Anyone with a brain knows that the real reason for the missile systems is not Iran, but Russia. These countries have long lived under the totalitarian influence of Russia and this is why they are cozying up to NATO.

I don’t even think Schumer is so stupid as to have not figured this out. Iran is used as a pretext only and is similar to politely asking someone with bad breath to try out a new flavor of gum you just bought. You can make the bad breath go away without publicly humiliating the offending party.

“It also drives Mr. Putin to apoplexy. The antimissile system strengthens the relationship between Eastern Europe and NATO, with real troops and equipment on the ground. It mocks Mr. Putin’s dream of eventually restoring Russian hegemony over Eastern Europe.”

The reason the missile system drives Putin to apoplexy is because he fully knows that this system is meant to “strengthen the relationship between Eastern Europe and NATO, with real troops and equipment on the ground”. This not only “mocks Mr. Putin’s dream of eventually restoring Russian hegemony over Eastern Europe”, but puts a major obstacle in the path to this goal.

Unlike Chuck, Putin fully remembers the former glory days of the Soviet Union and is achieving his goal of taking Russia back to those days. With this accomplished will turn his eyes towards Eastern Europe. Mr. Schumer thinks this is only a “dream” of Putin’s, but forgets what a nightmare this was for Eastern Europe.

“Dismantling the antimissile site, economic incentives and creation of a diplomatic partnership in the region – in exchange for joining an economic boycott of Iran – is an offer Mr. Putin would find hard to refuse. It is our best hope to avoid a nuclear Iran, because a successful economic boycott would certainly force the Iranian regime to heed Western demands more than anything attempted so far.”

Who is dreaming now? Putin would LOVE to see the dismantling of NATO and would probably appear to go along with this while still offering Iran secret terms of his own.

Ronald Reagan wasn’t in office when Mr. Gorbachov’s wall came down, but he was the primary reason why it fell. Chuck Schumer could never understand this at the time and his perception hasn’t improved any since then.

Chuck: Use your profound Intellect: What were all these people celebrating?

To read Mr. Schumer’s article:



  1. Senator Schumer may have hit a new high in illogical thought with this one. I mean, from the “cop killer” bullets, that only police were using, to … Well, I am at a loss when it comes to remembering anything that he has ever done that was rational.
    I do see Iran as a very real threat though. No, I am not worried about them in a conventional war setting. Their sponsorship of Hezbollah has been costing the lives of Americans at least since the Beirut bombing.

    That is a very real threat as the DFBI has testified before Congress that many of them have been smuggled into the United States by the illegal immigrant and drug smugglers.

    But until something again hits New York City my guess is that Schumer will keep his head stuck in the sand.

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