Posted by: Sanity Rules | June 3, 2008

Michelle Obama “Whitey” Comments

As we start to learn more about the background of Michelle Obama’s supposed racist comments, it is beginning to sound like a tempest in a tea cup:

If all the tape is about is Michelle Obama saying “Why’de” which is an ebonics form of slang for “Why did he”, then this will all blow over. However, if she said “Why’Te” which is an ebonics form of slang for :”the white oppressor” then that is altogether a different subject.

My guess from the start of these rumors, is that it would be too good to be true to have a tape of her “dissin the whites”, and at this point it is more probable that she was saying “Why’de”.

Michelle Obama is not the only Democratic Candidate to speak Ebonics. Hillary demonstrated her talents in the use of this language earlier in the primaries: (see below)

For further discussion of Ebonics, please refer to this wikipedia link:

Unfortunately the Wikipedia article is written in English, (so if-in ewe don speakn dat lanq-age, Iza sorry!)


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