Posted by: Sanity Rules | June 14, 2008

Obama – A modern day Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.

Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor has always been a great way of cozying up to the masses, but in the end you are still a thief.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Democratic Sen. Barack Obama on Friday called for higher payroll taxes on wage-earners making more than $250,000 annually, a step that would affect the wealthiest 3 percent of Americans.

Why is it that the First answer to every issue with the Democrats involves raising taxes?   What does government do for us that they have the right to pick every pocket they find?  The reason is that ever since they took the revenues from social security and dumped them in with the general funds, they have continued to add more and more programs to the point where Social Security is basically a giant ponzi scheme.

The presidential candidate told senior citizens in Ohio that it is unfair for middle-class earners to pay the Social Security tax “on every dime they make,” while millionaires and billionaires pay it on only “a very small percentage of their income.”

“Fairness” now this is what it is all about?  If Obama’s goal was “fairness”, then what is fair about paying into a system that steals money that was originally held in trust for retirees, and is now just dumped into the general slop bucket for every piggish politician to feed from?  

I am not in the 3% class of “fortunates” that Obama has designated to steal from on behalf of the rest of us, but I don’t want the hand-out.  I know that with hard work and self-discipline, I could be one of these.  It simply is not fair for me to take away the results of another persons hard work and personal achievement.

Obama also said his rival, John McCain, has indicated in the past he was willing to consider higher payroll taxes.

Great reasoning, John McCain has no problem picking pockets, so it when I decide to do it, he can become one of my merry men!

But Douglas Holz-Eakin, the Republican candidate‘s senior economic policy adviser, said that as president, McCain would not consider an increase “under any imagineable circumstance.”

Dang!,  Oh well, what do you expect from a cracker like McCain?  At least he ACTS like a Democrat most of the time!

Obama was vague (as usual) about what forms of income would be affected, saying, “We should exempt anyone making under $250,000 from this increase so that the change doesn’t burden middle-class Americans.” Campaign aides said the additional tax, like the current one, would apply only to wages and salaries and not to other forms of income such as investments.

Obama also criticized McCain for being open to letting taxpayers invest part of their Social Security payments in private investment accounts.

Hell no, why let the people actually OWN there OWN money?  That takes all the fun out of stealing it from them!

“Imagine if your security now was tied up with the Dow Jones,” he said, alluding to the recent slide in stock prices. “You wouldn’t feel very confident about the security of your nest egg.”

Actually, I personally would much rather have my funds administered by professional money managers than leaving it with a bunch of theives called Congress!  Unlike congress, Wall Street would average a healthy return on investment!  If congress was held to the same legal and fudiciary responsibilities as money managers are held to, the entire congress would be in prison for fraud.

McCain, campaigning Friday in New Jersey, said Obama was misrepresenting his position.

“I will not privatize Social Security,” he said. “But I would like for younger workers, younger workers only, to have an opportunity to take a few of their tax dollars, a few of theirs, and maybe put it into an account with their name on it. That’s their money.”

John, No wonder I will have such a hard time bringing myself to vote for you!  Just because I wouldn’t qualify as a younger worker, IT’S MY MONEY TOO!

He told reporters later on his campaign bus: “Private savings accounts have to be voluntary, they have to be only for young people, and they can’t be the centerpiece of the argument. We have to solve this problem and not worry about private savings accounts, because even though I support them, I don’t think it’s central to the issue. Central to the issue is that the system is going broke. Of course I’m not for privatization. But I do think young workers ought to have some options.”

How generous of you John!  After all, our money is your money.





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