Posted by: Sanity Rules | June 20, 2008

Obama Lives in a 9/10 Dream World.

I decided to re-post this article which was originally written on 6/20/08 when Obama was still running for President.  We knew what was coming and shouldn’t be surprised at Eric Holder’s recent decision.

In a recent interview on ABC, Barack H. Obama endorsed the Clinton era policy of handling acts of terror by prosecuting them through the criminal justice system. In doing so, he referred to the “successful” prosecution of terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993.

Obama is apparently unable to learn from history and from recent poll results, neither can the American public.

The Clinton administration’s policy of handling acts of terror through the criminal justice system delayed the process of finding out who was really behind the 1st WTC bombing because they were more concerned with finding admissible evidence than in preventing further attacks. By the time they finally found out it was Bin Laden, Sandy Burgler (Oh, so sorry Burger) had already turned down the Sudanese offer to send him to us because we did not have sufficient “legal” grounds on which to hold him.

Bud Hedinger is a radio talk show host in Orlando, Florida. He starts each show telling his listeners how many days it has been since a terrorist act was committed on U.S. soil. Today was day 2474, but if Obama is elected, don’t count on this kind of result for long. The world of terror only recognizes strength and they will be quick to pounce on our weakness.

American is abandoning safety through strength and instead choosing to hide it’s head in the sand.



  1. Obama is either naive or terrorist-friendly in his diplomatic approach of appeasment with the enemies of the United States.

  2. I agree. We’re determined to bring the fight to our shores. A vote for Obama is a vote for Osama.

  3. Obama is going where ever the votes falls and it does not matter what he throws under the bus to get those votes!

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