Posted by: Sanity Rules | July 4, 2008

The Democrats: No Enemy Could Do Greater Damage to U.S.

A group of Democratic senators led by Chuck Schumer of New York appealed to Secretary of State Rice to block a set of no-bid oil contracts that the Government of Iraq has decided to award to the Western oil companies Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total and BP.

If their appeal is not heeded, the senators will try to cut off financing for as-yet-unspecified programs in Iraq that are not directly in support of American troops

The New York Times reported that the oil companies were in the latter stages of negotiating service contracts that are modest in size but would also grant the companies advantages in later bidding for much more lucrative agreements to exploit Iraq’s richest oil fields.

It seems at every turn, the Democrats are there to thwart every advantage to the U.S. that presents itself.  The Iraqi Government is offering no bid contracts to just about every oil company or government agency on the Earth, but in times of $4.00 per-gallon gas, the Democrats see a problem with any of this Oil going to the U.S. 

If there goal is to turn this country into a Third World nation, they could do no better job.  The most disgusting part of this is that they try to cloak their activities as “fairness” and as being in the best interest of our servicemen in Iraq. 

What legal basis does the State Department have in interfering with a legal transaction performed in the soverign territory of a foriegn government?  

These Democrats are do doubt the proud product of a failed public school education.  This type of ignorace regarding foriegn business practices in a competitive world is beyond belief.



  1. So Chucky Boy and the usual band of miscreants are not simply happy screwing up the United States, now they want to interfere with another governments methodology for pulling that nation up, and out of the third world.

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