Posted by: Sanity Rules | November 6, 2009

Obama: “Let’s not rush to judgement”

President Obama urges Americans not to “Rush to judgment” over the recent shootings at Fort Hood.  This is in stark contrast to his own rush to judgment over the conduct of the Boston Police officer who arrested a Harvard Professor.

Maybe the President will call the shooter over for some beer on the White House lawn to discuss the peaceful religion of Islam, while Hindu’s sing “Kumbaya” with Christians and Jews.

While no one wants to “Rush to Judgement”, I think it is more than apparent to anyone who still possesses a bit of what used to be known as “common sense”, that this was the act of Jihad by a militant islamic.   Whether he acted alone, was a sleeper, this was the first successful terrorist act on our soil since 9-11.  Maybe Mr. Obama just doesn’t want a Rush to Judgment because it happened on HIS watch.



  1. That’s why he’s known as “Ditherer-in-Chief.”

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