Posted by: Sanity Rules | November 10, 2009

Obama Leaves Our Troops Dangerously Exposed For Political Gain

The White House continues to deny that a decision has been made by the President on Afghanistan.  This strategy creates the illusion that Obama is agonizing over a decision, but in reality makes him look like either a incompetant moron or a liar.  I think it is a bit of both.

The lie is that a decision has not been made.  It has been made and according to CBS, Obama decided to give General Stanley McChrystal most, if not all, the additional troops he is asking for.  The small print is that it will take a year to provide these troops.  Having made a decision and delaying the announcement by saying that you haven’t made a decision, is a lie.

The moronic part of this is that by delaying implementation of General McChrystal’s recommendations, puts our forces unnecessarily at risk because we do not have the troop strength to maintain order.  Putting American lives at risk is conduct unbecoming of an officer, but this is coming from the Commander in-Cheif!

The reason for the delay is obvious.  The Senate will be voting on Obamacare and our CINC obviously values his domestic agenda over the lives of the troops he puts in harms way.

Realistically, unless we are willing to put half a million men in Afghanistan quickly, we cannot prevail and since we apparently do not have the stomach or troop strength to do this, our next best option would be to leave these people to enjoy their violent and prehistoric culture and lifestyle to it’s fullest.

In any war, the objective has to be to win and not just maintain the status quo.   Lacking this, we turn the situation into another politicized war with ridiculous rules of engagement like Vietnam.

So I have now become a conservative anti-war activist.  Not because I don’t believe in the brave efforts of our troops, but because I cannot bear to see committed and brave men and women used as cannon fodder for this Chicago backroom politician.  He has no real regard for our military and it’s traditions of honor and cannot define strategy unless it is how to reach into our pockets go get funding for Acorn.

To date he has screwed up Iraq, is in the process of screwing up Afghanistan, allowed the first terrorist act to be committed on our soil since 9-11, Bailed out everyone who contributes to him with funds that we have to borrow from China and brought our jobless rate to over 10 percent.  And to think he’s only getting started!



  1. Obama screwed up Iraq? Ha! Yeah, Iraq is all Obama’s fault. Afghanistan is all Obama’s fault. The failed economy is Obama’s fault. The huge federal deficits and debt are Obama’s fault. It’s amazing how much he has accomplished in only about nine months.

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