Posted by: Sanity Rules | November 12, 2009

Republicans Take Early Lead in 2010: A Shot Across The Bow For BOTH Parties

A new Gallup poll indicates that Republicans are favored over the Democrats 48 to 44% in a poll of registered voters.  This is a large jump in the last six months.   While this is just one poll, coupled with last week’s election results are a strong indication that the American public does not like the direction that the country is going.

The liberals took the 2008 Election as a mandate by the people in total disregard for the fact that from the standpoint of a popular vote, the election was very close.  The information that they should have come away with is:

1. People disliked the way that Bush was handling things.  Neither liberals or Conservatives were too happy with Bush.

2. John McCain was seen as a very dull and lack-luster character.  While he may be a great compromisor, politics is not about compromise and voters are not driven to the polls for such a candidate.

3. Obama was running as the first black candidate, looked sharp, ran a great campaign and took advantage of the Anti-Bush backlash.  Hillary Clinton couldn’t win her party’s endorsement and much of this was not due to her politics which are much the same as Obama’s, but the fact that she too was looked at as the status quo.

4. Just look at Congressional approval ratings!  Lower than even George Bush for a Democratic controlled Congress!

5. While it is pretty clear that people do not endorse the “Change” they voted for, they really never bothered to educate themselves prior to voting!  How many people actually read Obama’s book or tried to find out what he was really about?  Very few.  Most people don’t even know who Joe Biden is!  It is sad, but the total ignorance of the American public is what keeps this pack of wolves (comprised of both parties) in office.  They are up to date on trivia and gossip from the Entertainment world but find a subject like Cap and Trade totally boring.  (at least until it effects their job or wallet)

Republicans on the other hand have no real reason to celebrate.  The voter’s dissatisfaction with Democrats is simply the result of their own ignorance.  It does not mean that they suddenly want to go back to the Congress of 2006!  Both political parties have sold out completely to special interest groups and the general voting public is not interested in their causes.

For Republicans, this means:

1.  If they want the general public to care about Cap and Trade, it needs to be relabeled as a Bullshit Tax, explained in the simplist terms and exposed for the scam that it is.

2. In regard to Abortion, most people do not realize that a baby is being vacuumed into a tube to be ground up.  In order to actually care, they need to see the graphic details.  Maybe abortions can be renamed as Baby Chopping to get the point across.  Sound terrible? Great!  It is terrible and it is hard for me to think that a public that gets incensed at the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal wouldn’t become just as incensed at abortion if they knew the details.  They will not however force a rape victim to carry the issue of the crime to term  and do not want restrictions on morning after pills and birth control.

4.  Just because the general public does not want a government take over of healthcare, it does not mean that they do not want some sort of catostrophic care coverage in case the shit hits the fan.  Americans do not like to see their neighbors forced into bankruptcy due to medical needs and bills.  Most people can agree to the need for tort reform if it is labeled “Jury Award Limits”.  The general public doesn’t know what “tort” means and don’t care if tortoises are reformed or not.

5.  People are very wary about changing Social Security into an IRA type of option, especially after seeing some scary times.  This does not mean that they want social security taxes dumped into the general funds so the pigs in Congress can have plenty of pork to feed off.  A non-existant Social Security Trust Fund should actually be established over time while not endangering those in the current program.

6. The general public wants tax deductions and  a balanced budget.

The liberals try to purposely mislabel the programs they want to disquise their true nature.  In addition they exploit weaknesses in the current system and blow them out of proportion in order to create a sense of urgency or need for them.  Conservatives need to become better communicators so that things are explained in the simplist terms that are easy to understand and to find common sense solutions to problems so that the liberals have nothing to exploit.

It’s long past time for Republicans to wake up, take their share of responsibility for the mess we are in and define in clear terms what they would do to correct them.  In 1994 Republicans took control of Congress by means of a “Contract with America”.  They won re-election because they actually kept their promises, but then quickly forgot them again and became corrupted by Washington and ended up as a dispised part of the problem.  Return to the same old Republican status quo will not do and America deserves better.





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