Posted by: Sanity Rules | June 23, 2010

Soros to Germany: Keep up the deficit spending!

George Soros has called on Germany to leave the euro unless it willing to embrace a “growth strategy”, describing Berlin’s austerity doctrine as a threat to democracy and political stability in Europe

I  just love the way the left continually finds new ways to label their programs.  For example, Growth Strategy: Normally we call this deficit spending.  Generally this has a negative connotation, so we just change the verbiage to Growth Strategy and suddenly it sounds so great!  After all, who has a problem with growth?

In short, Mr. Soros is calling on Germany to spend money that their taxpayer’s grandchildren will have to pay so that their Southern Neighbors can continue to live in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.  This lifestyle discourages a work ethic to the point where it is easier to live off of state welfare programs than to work.  The Socialist/Communist ideal.

Soro’s lap dog Barack Obama, wrote a letter to fellow leaders before the G20 Summit this week stating that surplus countries should do more to shore up global demand. “Our highest priority must be to safeguard and strengthen the recovery: we cannot let it falter or lose strength now. Should confidence in the strength of our recoveries diminish, we should be prepared to respond again as quickly and as forcefully as needed,” he wrote.

The US plan for this is for the Federal Reserve “Acquire” failing businesses.  This is normally called Nationalization, but as all progressives know, the average American does not favor nationalization, but Americans love to Acquire, so Acquisition is the new term.


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