Posted by: Sanity Rules | June 28, 2010

Euro: Put A Nail In The Coffin.

Things are going so badly for the Euro that now you are advised to check each note to identify the issuing country.   This is because when (not if) the currency really does fall apart, the issuing country on the Euro banknote may become important to you.

While all euros are backed by the European Central Bank, the serial numbers prefixed with X may be the most secure because they are issued by Germany.

Other “good” prefixes are L from Finland, N from Austria, P from Holland, , U from France and Z from Belgium.

The “bad” notes come with the prefixes F for Malta, G for Cyprus, M for Portugal, S for Italy, T for Ireland and Y for Greece.

Please don’t think I am gloating.  It is only by default, the US Dollar is the only real reserve currency left.  This serves to embolden our Federal Reserve to flood the market (Sorry, the politically correct term is “Acquire debt”) with Dollar bills by “purchasing” our own debt.  It is so great to own your own printing press!  Just pay your bills with currency hot off the press.

When the Fed is done, our currency will be toast, so in the meantime enjoy the coming deflationary times and get ready for the hyper-inflation to follow.  It may not be too much of a stretch to add in a little civil unrest that comes from unemployed hungry people.  The masses will be really angry when they can’t pay for their I-phone plans, or stand in line for the Harry Potter attraction at Universal.


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