Posted by: Sanity Rules | July 3, 2010

Independence Day: A contrast of 2 Congresses cast in our image.

For some time our country has been driving down a road leading to failure.  Now the major parties, a good portion of the bloggers and general public are trying to assess blame.  The Democrats say everything is Bush’s fault and the Republicans point to all these problems as being Obama’s fault.

If you look into this with an open mind and use facts as your guide, you will find that you can easily go back 20 years or more in finding all of the root problems.  In the process, you will find that both parties bear responsibility for this crisis.  The crisis was NOT a free market problem, but one almost entirely created by Congress

Congress points the blame to the free market.   Was there excessive greed in the marketplace?  Of course.  Greed exists in capitalist societies as well as communist societies.  It is part of the human condition.  Productive people always strive for more, more productivity, more wealth, more of whatever they feel fulfills them.  It is only when our ambitions cause us to harm others that they become a bad thing.

When ambitions become illegal, we have all the tools in our possession without reform to correct the problem through the criminal justice system or civil courts.

Congress recently passed a “Financial Reform Bill” that directs the blame at the failing financial markets while hypocritically denying their own role in the crisis.  Meanwhile congress increases their power to further “regulate” the markets that they themselves continually foul.

This November we will all have a historic chance to reverse course, but unfortunately there are only two players in the game and neither player is on our team.

Unfortunately when assessing the blame we must look in the mirror.  We elected them, we continue to allow them to point fingers in every direction but at themselves.  We allow them to divide us and to divert us from the issues while we occupy ourselves with trivial pursuits that keep us entertained.

It is truly remarkable how different is this congress from the 2nd Continental Congress that just 234 years ago risked their very lives for us by signing the Declaration of Independence.  It is also a direct reflection on how we have changed as a people.


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