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Obama: “Let’s not rush to judgement”

President Obama urges Americans not to “Rush to judgment” over the recent shootings at Fort Hood.  This is in stark contrast to his own rush to judgment over the conduct of the Boston Police officer who arrested a Harvard Professor.

Maybe the President will call the shooter over for some beer on the White House lawn to discuss the peaceful religion of Islam, while Hindu’s sing “Kumbaya” with Christians and Jews.

While no one wants to “Rush to Judgement”, I think it is more than apparent to anyone who still possesses a bit of what used to be known as “common sense”, that this was the act of Jihad by a militant islamic.   Whether he acted alone, was a sleeper, this was the first successful terrorist act on our soil since 9-11.  Maybe Mr. Obama just doesn’t want a Rush to Judgment because it happened on HIS watch.

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The Recession Has Just Begun!

One Quarter of Growth does not constitute recovery, especially when this growth was achieved through Federal deficit spending.

The problem that precipitated the current economic crisis was the collapse of the housing market.  The fallout from this collapse was made worse by the interference of the Federal Government in the form of bailouts.

Our Congress as well as both Presidents Bush and Obama were quick to take action to limit the damage caused by the housing crisis.  Who was the damage limited for?  Not their constituents the American people, but instead the sources of their campaign funding.  As a result large insurance and financial institutions were given funds that the United States Government did not even possess to spend.  The government borrowed the money of the taxpayers to obtain liquidity for their fat-cat clients.   The taxpayers themselves were thrown to the wolves by members of both of the major political parties and not one party stepped in to challenge the constitutionality of this action.  If the board of directors of any corporation suddenly decided to take out loans in excess of it’s assets to bailout some other company, they would end up in prison.  But of course Congress makes it’s own laws and therefore is above the law.

In the aftermath of the bailouts, we are left with a staggering Federal debt that devalues our currency.  This devaluation drives up the cost of basic commodities like gasoline because when our dollar is worth less, more dollars are required to purchase a barrel of oil.

Jobless rates remain high and no amount of government intervention is going to significantly change this unless millions of men are required to go and fight a war.   Instead of giving tax breaks and government backed loans to spur business, we are taxing and regulating companies out of business.

As a result of the economic crisis, millions of small businesses that comprise most of the jobs in this country have closed their doors, or severely cut back on hours and positions in order to survive.

The next wave of this crisis is about to hit the beach.  By January 20, we will see a large sell off in the stock market due to a number of factors,

1. Christmas Retail Sales.  Retail sales will be dismal as the consumer does what Washington cannot do, cut back on spending.  Those stores that see large sales will be those that discount aggressively and to the detriment of their bottom line profitability.  This is good news for consumers, but bad news for those who are out of work.  The “Evil” corporations that do not make healthy profits, cannot afford to hire new employees, increase pay or improve on their benefit packages.

2. Continuing devaluation of the Dollar.  The devaluation of the dollar is going to hit hardest this winter when higher fuel and heating costs will stretch the budgets of businesses and families alike.  In addition, since the Sun is not burning as hot as it normally is, we are in for a cold winter for the next two years at least.  Yes, Global Warming exists, but it is the result of a previously active Sun.  The current Solar Minimum has lasted much longer than usual and this will have a dramatic cooling effect on the Earth.

3. Our current congress is one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet and they are not up for re-election for another year at best.  They are out of touch and too beholden to the special interests to put the needs of the county first.

4. The Democrats in Congress are truly a delusional pack of wolves!  They actually think that the last election was a mandate from the people!  They disregard the fact that the popular vote was very close and that Obama’s popularity brought a lot of voters to the polls who would not otherwise left their TV’s and beer.    Most of  the gains by Democrats were not an endorsement of their party platform, but more the result of the unpopularity of Bush.   The average American voter did not know even one point of  either party’s platform and the election was nothing more than a sort of football game amusement to them.  The Reids, Pelosi’s and Schumer’s of the party took the results to be a mandate while totally disregarding  the extremely poor congressional approval ratings.  As a result, we cannot look to congress for any sensible economic relief and instead are likely to see more feel-good programs such as “stimulus” checks passed out on borrowed funds to a class of people who don’t even pay taxes.

For the Economy, the bottom line is that if you are invested heavily in the latest “Bull” market, GET OUT NOW.  Don’t think about getting back in until well January if at all.  In the meantime purchase tangible assets such as vintage cars, antique furniture or other well chosen items that will increase in value during the coming inflationary times.   To date, inflation has not reared it’s ugly head as “productivity” (also known as job cuts) has increased.  This cannot continue.  In order to remain in business, businesses will start to increase costs in order to survive and coupled with a declining value of the dollar, increased taxation and regulation, the prices will start to climb dramatically.

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The Press Gushes The Praises of Obama.

Have you noticed how exhuberent the press is with the Obama win?  They are just falling all over themselves today.

For example, “President Barack Obama (they forget to say “President Elect”) will assume responsibility for guiding the nation out of two wars and through a daunting array of real and potential global crises, even as a pressing domestic agenda and a depleted federal treasury hamper his flexibility abroad.

Thank God the Messiah was placed on this planet to “guide the nation”.  Of course, his predecessor has been dealing with the same basic conditions for 8 years, but with the Messiah to assume this great burden, all will be lightness and hope.

AP was absolutely titilated with Obama Fashion:

It was based on a style shown during Rodriguez’s spring ’09 runway show in New York. NEW YORK (AP) – Michelle Obama’s striking red-and-black dress worn Tuesday night as her husband became president-elect of the United States was designed by Narciso Rodriguez.Meanwhile, President-elect Barack Obama wore the same style dark-navy suit custom-made by Hart Schaffner Marx that he wore at the Democratic Convention, the company says. Hart Schaffner Marx makes its suits in the Obamas’ home state of Illinois.

The couple’s daughter Malia wore a red bubble-hem dress, and younger daughter Sasha wore a black dress with a bow.

Wow!  The return of Camelot!

Meanwhile back in REALITY WORLD;

The Cuban Government praised the Obama win.  Finally a like-minded Government for the Yankee Imperialists!

Russia will deploy short-range missiles near Poland to counter U.S. military plans in Eastern Europe, President Dmitry Medvedev warned Wednesday, setting a combative tone that clashed with global goodwill over Barack Obama’s election.

The stock market posted its biggest plunge following a presidential election as reports on jobs and service industries stoked concern the economy will worsen.  Evidently Wall Street doesn’t think much of the Obama Economic Stimulus plan.

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Obama’s Energy Plan: A Disaster In the Making!

“So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

Our nation desparately needs a sound energy plan.  It is not only a matter of Economics, but of our National Security.  Our dependance on foriegn oil not only is the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world, but leaves us vulnerable to the nations that we depend on for our very existence.

Our economy and the standard of living for every American depends on energy.  We need it to transport food and essentials as well as to feed our industry.  Without it, the cities would starve because food could not be transported in the quantities needed for survival.

Obama in his own words would adopt Cap and Trade policies that he thinks would bankrupt the coal industry.  In other words, ANOTHER TAX.  The Democrats just LOVE taxes and can’t get enough of them.  To them this is the best sceme yet, tax “the evil polluters”.

This is at best a stupid move because the United States has 27% of the world’s coal.  We have more than any other country in the world.  We have enough to last us another 200 to 250 years and because coal is so abundant in the U.S., it supplies half of our electricity.  This is an enormous amount of energy that we have at our disposal to help solve an energy crisis.

In effect the Messiah Obama would tax the coal industry and anyone using coal for energy, to levels that he  thinks would force them into bankruptcy.

The flaw in his logic is that first, we have no other sources of energy that could replace the coal and second, that they would not pass on the increased costs to you the consumer.  Do you really think your local utility can afford to absorb all of this added cost without passing it on to you?  If they cannot provide electricity with Coal, then what would they use?

Nuclear, No Obama is against that unless it can be “100% safe”.  A weasel word which means not a chance in hell.

Hydro-Electric?  No, too ecologically damaging to our rivers and wildlife and could not be produced in sufficient quantity.

Natural Gas?  No, pipelines would damage the ecology and there is insufficient quantity.

Obama is basically against any viable alternative form of energy and I suppose he would charge you a carbon tax for rubbing two sticks together!

Coal, Oil and Nuclear Power provide our country with 70% of our electricity.  Natural Gas provides 20%, Hydro-electric provides 7% and ONLY the remaining 3% is provided by the industries that Obama actually supports.

To suggest that Wind, Wave and Solar are serious alternatives is beyond stupid, it is dangerous.

That half of our simple minded electorate actually beleives this maniac is a tradgedy of huge proportions.  I fear that once the results of these policies are experienced, it will be too late to change them and we will be well down the path to a total meltdown in societal order.

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A New Arrival

I took some time from my blog to celebrate the arrival of my daughter.  She is just over 3 months old now, the boss of the household and future NRA President.

Since her birth there have been many sleepless nights, that I wouldn’t trade the world for.

Now that I actually have some free minutes, it will be nice to get back to writing from time to time!

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The Human Caused Global Warming Hoax

When Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” first came out, I set aside my personal distaste for him and watched what I thought was a very well organized presentation.   After all, throwing millions of tons of pollutants into our atmosphere is not a good idea whether or not it causes global climate change. However, considering the source, I decided to look into Global Warming in greater detail.

What I found was that Mr. Gore was a bit loose with the facts at best and that CO2 is a rather insignificant greenhouse gas. Even in the production of CO2 mankind plays a minor role. Increased CO2 is more likely the result of global warming rather than the specific cause.

After disgarding CO2 as a likely culprit of our warming trend, I started to look into the historical causes of variation in the Earth’s temperature and found that variations in the activity of the Sun were the prior causes. In discovering this for myself, I felt foolish for even considering any other major source because it really is so obvious!

The latest solor cycle supposedly ended some time ago, but a visit to will show you that solar activity measured in sunspots has been at minimal levels. This lack of activity causes me to think that we could be entering a rather intense cooling period and not a warming.

I have been wondering how long it will take for this hoax to become obvious to the point of embarrassment to the scientific community. Now the first chinks in the theory are starting to show up:

The Physics and Society Forum of the American Physical Society, an organization representing nearly 50,000 physicists, has reversed its stance on climate change and is now proclaiming that many of its members disbelieve in human-induced global warming. The APS is also sponsoring public debate on the validity of global warming science. The leadership of the society had previously called the evidence for global warming “incontrovertible.”

In a posting to the APS forum, editor Jeffrey Marque explains,”There is a considerable presence within the scientific community of people who do not agree with the IPCC conclusion that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are very probably likely to be primarily responsible for global warming that has occurred since the Industrial Revolution.”

The APS is opening its debate with the publication of a paper by Lord Monckton of Brenchley, which concludes that climate sensitivity — the rate of temperature change a given amount of greenhouse gas will cause — has been grossly overstated by IPCC modeling. A low sensitivity implies additional atmospheric CO2 will have little effect on global climate.

Larry Gould, Professor of Physics at the University of Hartford and Chairman of the New England Section of the APS, called Monckton’s paper an “expose of the IPCC that details numerous exaggerations and “extensive errors”

In an email to DailyTech, Monckton says, “I was dismayed to discover that the IPCC’s 2001 and 2007 reports did not devote chapters to the central ‘climate sensitivity’ question, and did not explain in proper, systematic detail the methods by which they evaluated it. When I began to investigate, it seemed that the IPCC was deliberately concealing and obscuring its method.”

According to Monckton, there is substantial support for his results, “in the peer-reviewed literature, most articles on climate sensitivity conclude, as I have done, that climate sensitivity must be harmlessly low.”

Monckton, who was the science advisor to Britain’s Thatcher administration, says natural variability is the cause of most of the Earth’s recent warming. “In the past 70 years the Sun was more active than at almost any other time in the past 11,400 years … Mars, Jupiter, Neptune’s largest moon, and Pluto warmed at the same time as Earth.”

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Wholesale Gasoline Price Drops 30 Cents in Three Days

Well, the sell-off in the Oil Market has started. Back on June 6th, I wrote a post giving the Bull Market on Oil “until September 15th at best:. No doubt there will still be short spikes and drops between now and then.

The price will go up every time a Nigerian steals gasoline from a pipeline and blows up the town in the process, or Ahmadinejad “photoshops” another missile launch. Then prices will settle back down unless any Mideast wars break out, or unless there are other supply disruptions like a hurricane.

Shortly the prices of gasoline should start coming down as retailers sell off the inventory they purchased at the higher rates. When this happens and prices actually decrease due to market conditions, the idiots like Chuck Schumer will have to find some other topic to whine about.

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Obama Defines His Iraq Strategy: Surrender

Barack Obama restated his pledge to end the Iraq war by the summer of 2010, saying that the U.S. must defeat Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of Iran.

Evidently he hasn’t looked at a map lately. If he did, he would note that strategically, Iraq is much more important than Afghanistan. Pulling U.S. Troops out of Iraq would guarantee Iranian control of an area from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea as well as control of the majority of the Worlds Oil supply.

The Senator says he will pursue Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, but is not apparently interested in fighting them in Iraq where the strategic position is much more crucial to the region.

It is interesting that he decided declare the “surge” a failure and to outline his surrender of Iraq before even making his trip to Iraq. So much for listening to his commanders.

John McCain, during a town hall meeting held just minutes after Obama delivered his address, said “Senator Obama will tell you we can’t win in Afghanistan without losing in Iraq. In fact, he has it exactly backwards,” McCain said “It is precisely the success of the surge in Iraq that shows us the way to succeed in Afghanistan.”

McCain also criticized Obama for laying out an Iraq policy without having visited both Iraq and Afghanistan. “Senator Obama is departing soon on a trip abroad that will include a fact-finding mission to Iraq and Afghanistan,” McCain said.

“He is speaking today about his plans for Iraq and Afghanistan before he’s even left, before he has talked to General Petraeus, before he has seen the progress in Iraq, and before he has set foot in Afghanistan for the first time. In my experience … fact-finding missions usually work best the other way around: First you assess the facts on the ground, then you present a new strategy.”

Once Obama has given Iran control of Iraq and the the world oil supply, the war in Afghanistan that Obama says is so crucial, will be meaningless because we will not have the resources to fight there.

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Chuck Schumer – The New Chicken Little

In his position as a Senator and as a member of the Banking Committee, Charles Schumer occasionally comes across information that is meant to be kept confidential.  Maintaining confidential information is necessary to collecting quality data.  Regulators need to be able to provide truthful information and expect that it remains confidential until an agreed resolution is formed and action is taken.  Unfortunately Chuckie dosn’t understand this concept and instead for political or personal financial gain, decides to run around yelling that the sky is falling.  This latest act of stupidity has caused a run on the Indyy/Mac bank. 

Federal regulators pointedly cited U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., in explaining the bank’s failure. In simple language, federal regulators blamed Schumer for a run on the bank.

Here’s from the press release issued by IndyMac’s regulator, the Office of Thrift Supervision: “The OTS has determined that the current institution, IndyMac Bank, is unlikely to be able to meet continued depositors’ demands in the normal course of business and is therefore in an unsafe and unsound condition. The immediate cause of the closing was a deposit run that began and continued after the public release of a June 26 letter to the OTS and the FDIC from Senator Charles Schumer of New York. The letter expressed concerns about IndyMac’s viability. In the following 11 business days, depositors withdrew more than $1.3 billion from their accounts.

“This institution failed today due to a liquidity crisis,” OTS Director John Reich said. “Although this institution was already in distress, I am troubled by any interference in the regulatory process.”

Schumer’s response? In an e-mail quoted by Bloomberg News, he says: “If OTS had done its job as regulator and not let IndyMac’s poor and loose lending practices continue, we wouldn’t be where we are today … Instead of pointing false fingers of blame, OTS should start doing its job to prevent future IndyMacs.”

They might be able to do just that as long as Chuckie is kept out of the loop. 

Just for the record, when the fed steps in, all assets up to 100K are guaranteed which leaves all the “poor unfortunates” that the Democrats are so puffed up about “protecting” as losing NOTHING. 

So who is Chuckie trying to help warn?  My guess can only be fat cat contributors who may have more than 100K investments.  In light of this glaring bit of verbal diahrea, the Senate needs to perform an investigation into Schumer’s financial and campaign ties to IndyMac investors and in leaking insider information for a profit.

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Phil Gramm – Speak the Truth Then Quickly Leave.

Phil Gramm made a major gaff in an interview with the Washington Times.  He actually told the truth.  Unfortunately the truth is a bitter pill that cannot be tolerated in an election year, so naturally McCain distanced himself from the remark and continued his pandering to a nation of victims.   

What Phil Gramm actually said was,“You’ve heard of mental depression; this is a mental recession,”  He noted that growth has held up at about 1 percent.   “We may have a recession; we haven’t had one yet.”  “We have sort of become a nation of whiners,” Gramm said. “You just hear this constant whining, complaining about a loss of competitiveness, America in decline” despite a major export boom that is the primary reason that growth continues.

America has become a nation of whiners because we have been spoiled into a feeling of entitlement.  We are entitled to low priced gas, low interest rates, easy financing, low unemployment and never stopped to consider that all of these benefits were earned. 

The nation is no longer a producer, but a consumer.  As a nation of consumers, we are now at the mercy of producers.  We no longer produce our own oil, autos, steel or just about any other resource or commodity on the planet.  We have allowed our national debt to skyrocket and then whine that our currency is worthless.

There is a way out of this mess though and the plan is not the Obama Plan.  The plan is Reaganomics: Cut the Federal Budget, Cut Taxes, create incentives for home ownership and for small business and then surprise!  Revenues to the government increase, small businesses add employees and purchase equipment, people start buying homes again, home builders start to add employees, the employees start to spend their money on TV’s, Cars, Clothing, Entertainment and whatever else they can afford and then everyone starts working to produce enough product or services to meet the demand.

Obama wants to lead us down the road of socialism that has clearly been shown to be an economic failure.  McCain does not have the vision (or “balls” as Jesse Jackson would say) to develop his own plan and then clearly articulate it to the public.

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