I decided to write this blog because I find that the number of ignorant voters in the United States is increasing exponentially and feel that this ignorance is the greatest threat to our republic since it’s founding.

There was never any constitutional right to Franchise or the right to vote. The only mention of voting rights from a constitutional standpoint, is they cannot be denied due to reasons of race, sex, failure to pay poll taxes or other taxes, or for anyone 18 or older, for age.

Although colonial Americans certainly believed in a free ballot, they also believed that the ballot ought to be restricted to persons of property, whose industrious habits and intellect gave them a greater understanding of the needs of the society. In short, the productive people determined how society ran and the drunkards, the lazy and the failures of society were generally denied a say in how things were run.

At the time the constitution was framed ,the framers tried to protect us from the abuses that they knew of by experience and that was the abuse of central government. The founding fathers failed to appreciate the abuses of power that could result from an ignorant electorate, because they had never experienced this in the past and never intended the right of franchise be given freely to everyone as it is today.

People that do not own property or operate their own businesses, generally have not demonstrated the skills and knowledge required to succeed in life. This is because home ownership requires a commitment of time and financial stewardship. Owning your own business requires hard work, skill, an knowledge of marketing, management of labor and expenses. People with these skills will tend to make better and more informed decisions and will tend to elect those who think likewise, while an ignorant rabble will elect like minded, ignorant politicians to enact self-serving policies that threaten the republic.

The results of this liberality with the right of franchise are already demonstrated in failed government policies and the seeming inability of our central government to not only react to threats, but to act in any way at all.

My blog is a call to reason and sanity in insane times.


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